Day 148: Glorifying God (1 Chronicles 23-25; John 11:1-17)

We’ve heard and read this story countless times, so much so that we’ve probably become immune to the thought of a dead man coming to life. It’s the same for the lesson that sufferings are meant to draw us closer to God and to glorify His name.

“When Jesus heard that, He said, ‘This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified though it.'” -John 11:4

So, I won’t tell you yet again about either of those two lessons above. Instead, I’ll speak to that ache deep in your heart, the one that wonders why you’re on this Earth; that part of you that is so desperately trying to figure out what your purpose is. It’s actually quite simple:

So that God may be glorified through you. 

The details of the day to day pale in comparison to that. Because as long as I can remember to go through each day asking Him to glorify Himself through me, He will lead me into the center of His will for my life – usually without me even noticing it. It takes one step of obedience – step by step, day by day, year by year.

I did not fully understand what this means until I graduated from law school recently, and only then did I realize that God was there all along; that everything that happened in my life from the day I was born was so that God could be glorified, so that He could show what He can do in the life of one very ordinary girl. He’s doing the same in your life.


2 thoughts on “Day 148: Glorifying God (1 Chronicles 23-25; John 11:1-17)

  1. My name is Brenna and I love reading your devotionals, it’s part of my daily morning routine, but I would just like to point out a few errors I noticed. One; a few weeks back the devotional was on 2 Kings chapter 22, and the devotional named the King of that chapter as Hezekiah, when it was really about Josiah. And today’s old testament chapter reading said 1 Chronicles chapter 23-35, but 1 Chronicles only goes to chapter 29, there is no chapter 35, unless that was supposed to be chapter 25. I just wanted to point out errors to fix and not criticize, I really enjoy reading my devotional.


    1. Hi Brenna! Thanks for the feedback! We actually updated that post with the King’s correct name and we’ll update the assigned reading for today – I apologize for the typo – it should be 25! You can also download the full schedule from our site so you have the correct assigned readings for the whole year. I’m glad you’re enjoying these devotionals though – it’s always good to hear that people are actually reading and using the content because sometimes it feels like you’re just talking to no one with the internet! 🙂 God bless you!


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