Day 143: Being a Body (1 Chronicles 8-10, John 8:37-59

Tucked inside another series of chapters on genealogy, we find a little gem that teaches us how to reflect the church (even before we get to Peter—the cornerstone of the modern church!).

Read back through 1 Chronicles 9:22-34. These verses are bookended by descriptions of people and families who make up a body of believers. But inside these verses, we learn that the Israelites aren’t just a mush of people trying to figure things out. Instead, they are a group of God-fearing people with specific roles and purposes. Some are called to care for the articles in the temple. Others are called to bake bread (I’d sign up for that job in a heartbeat!). And still others are called to care for the rooms and treasures of the temple. In the same way that God placed these people together to create a functional body that could serve and worship Him, He has crafted your body of believers in the same way.

The New Testament has several sections that describe how God has gifted members of His body differently (Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4). Take some time to read over these chapters and consider how God is calling you to be involved in your church body.

How have you seen the different roles play out for God’s glory in your Christian community?


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