Day 136: Inviting Jesus Into Your Boat (2 Kings 15-17; John 6:1-21)

John 6 begins with one of the most well-known Bible stories about Jesus – the feeding of the five thousand. This is a portrayal of the Father’s overflowing provision and power. But there is another part of this chapter that caught my attention. The story that follows the feeding of the five thousand is another well-known story of Jesus walking on water. But John ends this scene in a way that is not mentioned in the other gospels. After the disciples discover it is Jesus walking on the water and not a ghost, “they were glad to take him into the boat and immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going.” (v. 21 ESV)

Immediately. Once their panic and fear were replaced with the gladness and relief of seeing Jesus, they immediately got to the place they were headed for. And isn’t that like so many of us today? To be scared or worried over our circumstances before we realize who Jesus is? Many of us are just like the disciples – frightened and confused. But we can also be like the disciples in another way. The moment we invite Jesus into our boat, we too can be glad! Just the simple act of letting Jesus step in will immediately take us to where we are going.

But the act of putting our trust in man or ourselves can lead us far away from where we’re meant to be. 2 Kings 15-17 is a continuation of the kings who led Israel into exile. Instead of leading Israel in the ways of the Lord, they led His nation under their own rule (or in the rule of their fathers before them) and into exile.

So I challenge you, dear friends – let go of that problem or situation and trust Jesus enough to invite him in. He will take you exactly where you need to go!

What is one fear or worry you will let Jesus take care of for you today?

What can inviting Jesus into your boat do for you?


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