Day 133: He Spoke and It Was (2 Kings 6-8, John 4:31-54)

You recall that this man of God had told the king, “By this time tomorrow, 7 quarts of premium flour will sell for 11 grams, and 13 quarts of barley will sell for the same at the market in the gate of Samaria.” The officer had then asked, “Even if the Eternal carved out windows in heaven, is it really possible?” Elisha had replied, “You will witness this event, but you will not be allowed to enjoy the feast.” This was the truth about the officer’s destiny, for he was killed at the city entrance—trampled by the starving, miserable citizens of Samaria. -2 Kings 6:18-20, The Voice

While he was still going down, his slaves met him saying that his boy was alive. He asked them at what time he got better. “Yesterday at seven in the morning the fever left him,” they answered. The father realized this was the very hour at which Jesus had told him, “Your son will live.” Then he himself believed, along with his whole household. -John 4:51-53, HSC

When our life seems to be spinning out of control and the world around is in chaos, it is hard to remember that God is still sovereign. Yet, the two passages above illustrate just how sovereign God is. His words are precise. The price of flour and barley was sold for the exact amount God predicted through Elisha. God’s words also hold power. In the very moment that Jesus spoke healing over the officer’s son, the boy was healed. Precision and power are the results behind God’s sovereignty.

I love the word sovereign because it is such a royal word. I have the mental image of a king whose every word is strictly obeyed with exactness. That is our God, except that our God will never be overthrown, His reign will never end, and He makes perfect decisions.

I often have to remind myself that God’s timing is right. Even this morning, I had to speak words of God’s sovereignty over a certain situation I am worrying about. His timing might not be what I want or expect, but His timing is perfect. The story that God is writing for each one of us is far more beautiful than the stories we could write for ourselves. Let your heart rest in the assurance that God is in control. It may not seem like it right now, or even years from now, but God is weaving our individual stories into His perfect story. You can trust Him.

How have you seen God’s sovereignty played out in your life or in the lives of your friends?

In what ways have you been impatient with God, and how can you surrender your plans to His timing?


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