Day 132: Consistent God; Consistent Faith (2 Kings 4-5, John 4:1-30)

I am struck by the great amount of faith that the prophet’s wife, the Shunamite woman, Namaan, and Elisha all demonstrated in each of their stories. Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as “the assurance of things hoped for.” Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” Faith is unseen and it is complete.

The people in the Old Testament didn’t even have the physical manifestation of Jesus, yet they encountered the spirit of God and they trusted Him. I wonder how Elisha could have such great faith, even to the point of doing some seemingly ridiculous things (telling Namaan to bathe in the Jordan, lying on top of the little boy, or throwing a meal in the pot). It was because he knew God. You have to know someone to be able to trust them. The character of God had been displayed time and time again. Stories had been passed down of His great miracles and His faithfulness toward Israel.

The character of God does not change. Elisha could trust Him because he had heard and experienced God’s power and had faith that God would be faithful again.

Two good friends and I were discussing this concept recently. How quickly we forget God’s faithfulness and quickly we doubt His promises. Despite the fact that we have seen God work in our lives, we all admitted that when faced with challenges, we get just as anxious and turn to other solutions before Him. Yet, God does not change. I sometimes wonder how much stress and anxiety I would avoid if I simply trust God and seek Him first.

Today, I am challenging myself (and you) to remember God’s faithfulness and trust Him fully. His power may be unseen, but faith means having confidence that God has provided for you and He will do it again.

What character traits of God do you see displayed in today’s passages?

How can remembering that God’s character is constant comfort you and give you peace in current challenges you may be facing?


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