Day 125: He Was There From The Beginning (1 Kings 10-11; Luke 24:1-35)

“And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.” -Luke 24:27

If you’re reading along with us, then I hope you’re experiencing some of what the disciples experienced in this moment: the big picture coming together. Starting with Moses, we begin to see the foreshadowing of the Messiah. When we get to the Prophets, you’ll see the story of Jesus written in the most beautiful ways – centuries before He was even born! It all comes together.

That’s the God we serve: the Creator and the One who has every one of our stories written out long before we even came on to this Earth.

We only get to see the big picture in hindsight though: in history books and after the journey ends. But in the meantime, we can trust the author of our stories. Because He sees the big picture. And if we allow Him, He will guide us every step of the way. And when we utter, “It is finished,” we will finally get to look back and see how every moment, every relationship, every hardship, and every moment wove together the most beautiful story.

Today, I want to challenge you to find one foreshadowing of Jesus as the Messiah in the Old Testament from what we’ve read so far and how it connects to Jesus in the New Testament (hint: check out portions of the New Testament – like when Jesus is preaching – that quote the Old Testament!).

This takes some Bible study and, yes, it’s slightly more time consuming than just reading this devo or just the assigned reading. But, please do it and share with us in the comments. It really is a wondrous thing to connect the dots for yourself!



2 thoughts on “Day 125: He Was There From The Beginning (1 Kings 10-11; Luke 24:1-35)

  1. God’s promise to David that he will always have someone on the throne forever. And the genealogy in Matthew showing how Jesus Christ came to be from that line.


  2. God made a promise to David that he would never fail to have his line on the throne forever. And we see in the agospel of Matthew the genealogy break down, how that promise is kept even in the lineage of Jesus Christ.


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