Day 122: The Peace of God (1 Kings 3-5; Luke 23:1-26)

King Solomon was a man who made a simple request of God: wisdom, knowledge,  and a understanding heart so he could efficiently lead the people in the Kingdom of God. God was very pleased with his request and in return not only did he fulfill his request by making him a man of wisdom, but He also blessed Solomon to live in protection, prosperity and peace!

Solomon’s dominion extended over all the kingdoms west of the Euphrates River from Tiphsah to Gaza. And there was peace on all his borders. -1 Kings 4:24 NLT

But the Lord my God has given me peace on every side: I have no enemies, and all is well. -1 Kings 5:4 NLT

The peace of God is one of the most amazing gifts that we can receive in our lives! Serenity, calm, tranquility and restfulness – all of these descriptive words are part of the experience we receive through faithfulness, trust and obedience to Him.

Just like King Solomon, I have one simple request to God that includes all of us: I pray that each of us, our entire nation, will continue to pray for unity, forgiveness, and receive the beautiful blessing of God’s peace!


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