Day 113: Wee People in the Kingdom (2 Samuel 7-9, Luke 19:1-28)

Isn’t it fascinating how God chooses the small, the weak, and the unexpected people and pieces of life to make truly magnificent works of art?

David was the youngest, he was a shepherd, the weakling of the bunch, the runt.  But as we’re reading, God establishes him as a great king and chooses him to build a permanent dwelling for the Most High God.  He toppled foes like dominoes and was feared by surrounding nations.  I’ll bet that came as a shocker for his brothers, yeah?

In Luke, we have wee Zacchaeus, the ignoble tax collector.  No one liked these guys – they were known for their dishonesty and wealth gained as a result of it.  But Zacchaeus was curious about Jesus, and Jesus chose that wee little man (I’m sorry, I cannot get the Sunday school song out of my head for the life of me) to make a difference with.

The first shall be last, you must lose your life to save it, become like a child to inherit the kingdom; this all seems counterintuitive to our cultural norms.  This is the radical life we’re called to.  And thank our good God that He chooses plain, average, and wee folks like you and me to do it.

Be called.  Be bold.  Embrace the paradoxical ways of this wild King we follow and be blessed today.

What’s one way that you’ve seen God create a backwards work of beauty in your life?  

Do you ever feel small and insignificant in the Kingdom or maybe your own life?  

How can these truths in Scripture combat those lies of “God can’t use me because…”?


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