Day 112: Passion & Praise for God (2 Samuel 4-6, Luke 18:18-43)

David retorted to Michal, “I was dancing before the Lord, who chose me above your father and family! He appointed me as the leader of Israel, the people of the Lord, so I celebrate before the Lord. -2 Samuel 6:21 (NLT)

King David is boldly speaking out to his wife Michal:

Yes, I will always remain unashamed, faithful, and sing praises unto the Lord!

Yes, I love the Lord, He is my friend and He loves me!

I am His servant…He chose me!

Regardless of anyone or anything on this earth…I will always love, honor and lift up in praise, the Lord God, my Savior and King!!

The passion King David showed through his words and actions is amazingly heartfelt! Just like David we can experience the same passion, energy, zeal, and be unashamed and openly give praise to the Lord. Start with looking at today, the past experiences and victories, and reflect on the many talents and gifts He gave each of us. Reflect on the truth, in God’s word that explains that He chose each of us for His own purpose…He is worthy of all honor and praise! We should all want to celebrate and give praise regardless of what others may say or think always because we have been given the best opportunity just like King David… to be a servant of Jesus Christ our loving Father and Heavenly King!!

In your daily living, how can you continue to actively pursue new ways to inspire yourself, as well as others, to give praise to God?


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