Day 101: The Need To Fit In (1 Samuel 7-9; Luke 13:1-21)

We all want to fit in, because nobody wants to be the odd one out. Although the need to belong is very natural, we cannot compromise our faith. It is very easy to get influenced by the media and popular culture nowadays. The worldly lifestyle seems fun and care free, but what is the cost (we’ll talk more about this tomorrow!)?

In Samuel, we see the Israelites getting restless and antsy for a worldly king. They want a king from this world so “that we may also be like all the nations” (1 Samuel 8:20). Despite knowing the consequences, they were willing to compromise their integrity just to be like everyone else.

To prove that human nature is the same today, let us take a look at our own lives. Where do we compromise our beliefs in order to fit in? Maybe it’s at a lunch with classmates or co-workers when the topic veers into dirty jokes or a tale of who slept with whom, and you either join in or sit quietly and listen. Maybe it’s blurring the physical boundaries in your relationship when you know you should wait for marriage. Maybe it’s wearing a shorter skirt or tight yoga pants when you know what the Bible says about modesty. Maybe it’s cutting corners in your work, because everyone else does it, even it’s not entirely honest and may constitute cheating. This list could go on and on.

What areas of your life are you trying to fit in? 


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