DAY 96: Let’s Be Kind (Judges 18-19; Luke 10:25-42)

When I read the parable of the Good Samaritan, I am always struck with the deep kindness of the Samaritan man. He had no reason to be kind to the Jew who had been left for dead, yet you can almost feel the tenderness of his heart as you read of the compassion he displayed. The Good Samaritan is an example of how we should love each other, but it is also a tangible display of the depth of mercy that is shown to each of our wretched hearts in Christ.

In my most recent reading of the parable, I was struck with this kindness anew, and heard the clear exhortation from Jesus, “Be kind, Sara.” My heart groaned with a convicted, fervent, “Oh Jesus, guard my tongue.” I can be so unkind. My tongue can be a weapon of the worst sort – inflicting wounds that I will never know the depth of.

The best way to cultivate a deeper love, especially for those who aren’t easy to love, is to spend time meditating on the incredible love of Jesus towards us. I cannot imagine the depths of patience that must exist in the heart of my Savior who puts up with my daily mistakes and endless wandering.

Kindness is a powerful force. It points to the power of the Gospel in a special way because it is something that our world, with all its hateful prejudice, simply cannot understand.

Today, spend some time meditating on all the ways Jesus has shown patience and mercy toward you.

Second, pray for those who are hard for you to love, and pray for your heart to become more like the heart of Jesus toward them.


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