Day 93: A Season of Suffering (Judges 10-11; Luke 9:1-36)

As I read about Jephthah and his daughter’s tragic story, I wondered what her life must have looked like those two last months. We are not given much detail about this season, though I can only imagine that it was a time of preparing herself for death; resigning herself to the fact that she would never be married, never give her father a grandson, never see another summer. Dream after dream died. Her life was coming to an end. The most amazing part is that she willingly gave it.

My piddly little troubles can hardly compare with that caliber of suffering.

When God asked me to sacrifice my treasure, I was an absolute mess. My heart was shattered and I cried daily over it. I felt like I had to walk hunched over because the pain was so intense. If you’ve ever experienced the sensation of suffocating over a broken heart, than you’ll know how I felt.

The reason I now look back on that season with fondness though is because I got to see Christ in a whole new way. He was EVERYTHING to me, because I had nothing else. Some of my very favorite stories of God’s grace came out of that season. My walk with Christ grew deeper than I had ever experienced because my suffering was deeper than anything I ever experienced.

“Love sweetens pain; and when one loves God, one suffers for His sake with joy and courage.” -Brother Lawrence, The Practice of the Presence of God

What kind of suffering have you experienced or are you experiencing?

How can I pray for you in that?

How can you practically bless someone that is suffering more than you today?

Lord, don’t let the thousand little sufferings a day go to waste! But accomplish Your purpose in refining my life and drawing me close to You throughout the day as I’m faced with frustrations and annoyances as well as joy and good experiences.


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