Day 92: The Miraculous God (Judges 8-9, Luke 8:22-56)

As I was reading the Scripture for today, I couldn’t help but see the poignant heart-problem of humanity.  In the Old Testament, God’s people consistently forgot about His goodness and turned to their wickedness.  The entirety of the Old Testament seems like a roller-coaster of sorts, with God wooing back his treacherous bride time and again.

In Luke, we see the shock people experience when God does His thing:  saving, loving, wooing.

Why are we so inclined to forget His goodness?  What is it about miracles coming from a miraculous God that we find so awe-inspiring?  Shouldn’t we expect our great God to do truly great things?

But there were a few who had spectacular belief.  “If I could just touch the corner of his cloak,” she thought.  Even the demons, friends.  Even the demons knew and feared the power of our great God.  They didn’t forget.

As I get up each morning, make the beds, feed the mouths, and do the dishes, I may be inclined to miss the miracles God places in my life.  The incredible sunrise, the sleepy smile of my little boy, the succulent smell of maple syrup…these simple miracles give me hope.  They fill with me joy and thanksgiving and open my eyes, if only a little, to the spectacular that God gives everyday.

Do you find it difficult to remember God’s goodness in your life?

What seemingly small blessings can you rejoice over daily to remind you of God’s goodness?  

What are some miraculous ways God has moved for you?


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