Day 90: Forgiveness (Judges 3-5, Luke 7:31-50)

Some stories in the Bible move you no matter how many times you read them. The story of Jesus forgiving the sinful woman is especially poignant. Can you imagine the boldness and love this woman had for Jesus? She walked into a room full of men she knew would judge and mock her, but she had one mission—to get to Jesus.

Most commentators speculate that the alabaster jar she used to cleanse Jesus’ feet would have cost months of her wages—most likely earned as a prostitute. She used the item most precious to her to worship and love the Lord in the only way she could think of.

Jesus responds in such a beautiful way to this woman. He is compassionate, loving, and merciful to the woman who was willing to wash the feet of her Lord. He sees her heart and the love she has for Him.

Forgiveness is a hard concept to understand. For those of us who have experienced freedom in Christ from the ugly parts of our stories and sins we are ashamed of, our natural response is to fall at the feet of Jesus in worship. It’s an instinctive response to His beautiful grace.

Jesus’ words challenge those who claim Him as Savior and Lord. We must be willing to dish out the same forgiveness, even to those who might be hard to forgive. Once we truly understand the greatness of our own forgiven debt, it helps us forgive those  hurt or wrong us—no matter how great the sin.

Choose to receive the Lord’s free forgiveness today and choose to forgive those that are hard to love. Making forgiveness a part of your life through the power of the Holy Spirit will make us more like Jesus. Our faith and trust in the Lord will continue to increase each and every day.

Do you struggle to receive forgiveness? Do you struggle to extend forgiveness?

How can you trust the Lord more in the areas of forgiveness?


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