Day 86: Hypocrisy (Joshua 19-20; Luke 5:17-39)

Some mornings I wake up with awe as I realize the God of the universe loves me and has a plan in mind for me. Me, the person who practically sins before she gets out of bed, gossips, thinks I’m better than other people, and sometimes tells lies.

In the passage we read today we see Jesus eating with the tax collectors and how that stirred the Pharisees anger. Sometimes, we can be just like the Pharisees when we see good things happening to people that don’t love God as much as we do, when plans fall through, or when God makes us wait. Each life is important to God though. Each story is unique and carefully designed. He loves us all the same, even the Christians who have fallen off the wagon or those who are unsaved.

Don’t let your hypocrisy blind you from loving others the way that God does. Just like the tribes in Joshua who all had their specific places and allotments, we all have a specific plan and time of life that God calls us to. He will not forget about you.

So, today try your best to love someone around you that may consider unlovable. Jesus did that with the very least of these and He does it every day with you and me. Now, He asks us to do the same and pass on His love to someone who may be desperately trying to find their way to acceptance and love.

How can you encourage someone in Jesus today?


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