Day 83: Trust in God (Joshua 11-13, Luke 4:1-32)

Do you ever feel like the odds are against you? Like nothing in your life is going right?

You didn’t get the job. You didn’t pass your test, again. You are crazy busy and have no time to relax. Your friends are mad at you. You and your boyfriend couldn’t work it out. You don’t have enough money in the bank to make rent.

Whatever it is that makes us feel this way, we have two ways to respond: we can either trust ourselves or trust the Lord.

Often, we first try to handle the situation alone and come out defeated. We can apply for a different job, study harder, fight to create time in our schedules, or make amends. But this is exhausting.

When we look at Scripture, we see that Joshua had to trust God. His army was outnumbered and the odds were against the Israelites.

Jesus had to trust God in the wilderness with Satan, though He was tempted and later rejected by the same people He went to the cross for.

However, in both of these situations, God proved faithful. He redeemed Israel’s odds and gave them the land they were after. He gave Jesus the strength to deny the Devil’s temptations. If they had of trusted in their own strength, only having faith in themselves, they wouldn’t have seen the same results.

In the same way, God was faithful to us on the cross. When we were unable to save ourselves, He sent Jesus on our behalf to die in our place and raised Him from the dead. He redeemed us! If we can trust Him to be sovereign in that way, can we not trust Him with our circumstances?

So, what about you? What in your life can you let go of and trust God with?


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