Day 82: Beneath The Surface (Joshua 9-10; Luke 3)

The Israelites sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the Lord. -Joshua 9:14

Have you ever been in a situation that was not what it seemed? Or needed guidance about something that looked right in your natural eyes? This is the situation Joshua and the Israelites were in when the people of Gibeon decided to deceive Israel into making a treaty with them. The people of Gibeon dressed up in worn out sandals and clothes, carried moldy bread and wineskins that were cracked and old. They did all of this to convince the Israelites that they had traveled from a far away country instead of right next door. The Israelites questioned the people of Gibeon, they examined the old food and the worn out clothes, and everything seemed to be just like they were told.

But they forgot to do one important thing: ask the Lord.

This struck me because so many times I make a judgment about a situation based only on what I can see, but forget to ask the Lord for His guidance. We have such an advantage as followers of Christ, the opportunity to communicate with the One who knows all. Stopping for just a moment to pray about a situation, no matter how small, can give us unprecedented wisdom and allow us to respond in a way that is pleasing to Him. I never want to regret not asking God for His guidance because I know He can bring clarity to any situation.

Is there a situation you have walked through lately that was not what it seemed?

How can we remind ourselves to pause and seek the Lord in every situation?


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