Day 78: Blessed is She (Deuteronomy 33-34; Luke 1:24-56)

Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord. -Luke 1:45

You’ve probably seen variations of this verse all over Pinterest and other social media sites, but I hope today after reading the story behind the verse, you understand the depth of this promise.

As the scene unfolds, we see Mary coming to visit her friend, Elizabeth. Although we’re not told exactly how much time passed between when Mary discovered she was pregnant and this visit, but based on verse 56, Mary was probably either in her first or second trimester. So, the idea of being a pregnant virgin, with the son of God, was probably still fresh and new. If she was like most women today, Mary probably wasn’t even showing very much and she might have not even felt pregnant. And then she hears Elizabeth’s words:

Believe and the Lord’s promises in your life will be fulfilled. 

I know that if someone told me that today about some of the promises God has made me, I would be so encouraged. Because sometimes, when it takes awhile to see God’s promises come to fruition, we get impatient and start to doubt.

When will I finally meet my future husband and start a family?

When will I figure out my calling? 

When will I see my mom or dad saved and in church?

When will these wounds be healed? 

Because God, You promised….

We’ve been reading a lot about the journey of the Israelites. And just like He told them when they got impatient about reaching the Promised Land: if you wholly follow the Lord, you will inherit His promises. 

It may take 40 years of desert seasons, 30 years of singleness, 20 years of schooling, or 10 years of faith building, but what He promised will be fulfilled.

In the meantime, like Mary did in verses 46-55, praise Him for the promises He has made to you. Thank Him now for what He will do for you in the future. Because not only does that please Him, but it will remind you that the Lord is truly good and His promises are totally , completely, absolutely worth waiting for.

What promises are you waiting on today? 


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