Day 77: Meet Joshua (Deuteronomy 31-32; Luke 1:1-23)

As we near the end of our journey with Moses, we are introduced to a new protagonist: Joshua. But in reality, Joshua’s story has been unfolding for a few decades:

“So the Lord spoke to Moses face to face as a man speaks to his friend. And he would return to the camp, but his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, did not depart from the tabernacle.” -Exodus 33:11

From a young age, Joshua was Moses’s assistant. He was the only person allowed to accompany Moses partway up to the mountain when Moses received the law. He was also among the 12 spies that were sent to investigate the Promised Land. In fact, because of his faithfulness in bringing back a positive report from the spy mission, Joshua was one of only TWO adults who experienced Egyptian slavery and lived to enter the Promised Land. Talk about a life story, y’all!

We’ll read a lot more about Joshua’s story in the coming weeks, but today, I wanted to focus on how Joshua got to being inaugurated as the Moses’s successor in today’s reading.

Joshua found a man of God and he didn’t leave his side. 

It sounds so simple, but I imagine it took a lot of sacrifice. It probably meant choosing to hang around the tabernacle for hours to wait on Moses, instead of playing with friends his age outside. As the young one, he was probably assigned all the busy work the adults didn’t want to do. I mean, how many young people do you know who would rather follow some preacher around all day and voluntarily spend time all their time at church? Very few, I’m sure (let’s be honest, sometimes a two hour church service or a 30 minute sermon is a struggle!).

Who are you learning from today? Who are your role models? Whose advice are you listening to? What wells are you drinking from to nourish your soul?

The people and sources you learn from mold you and shape your future. If you spend time in God’s presence, learn from Jesus’s example, seek advice from wise and Godly elders, and spend your days doing the Lord’s bidding, you will be greatly rewarded. As Luke  16:10 tells us, those that are faithful in the small things will be entrusted with greater responsibilities. That’s how leaders are trained up.

So, if you long to step into your calling; if you pray for God to give you something to do for His kingdom, first spend some time learning the ropes. Study the Word, pray, observe those who have walked this path before you, ask questions from wise counselors, and volunteer for the mundane, everyday tasks that no one else wants to do. That is where discipleship is born.

PS. Did you notice the apple of His eye reference in Deuteronomy 32:10? That verse brings so much joy to my heart!


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