Day 68: Remember (Deuteronomy 8-10, Mark 12:28-44)

Are you in such a desperate place that the only one you can trust in and lean on is God himself? Remember these days. Remember the times when everything is falling apart and God provides, even in the smallest of ways. So that when life is sweet again, when the birds are singing and everything is going your way, remember that all of it was God. When times are hard, He allows them, and when times are good, He is blessing you.

Sometimes, God allows us to walk through valleys so that we learn to trust in Him. All too often, we are apt to begin relying on ourselves when things begin to go our way. And how are we to “fear the Lord…walk in all His ways, to love him, to serve the Lord with all your heart and soul” (Deut. 10:12, Mark 12:30) if we are so caught up in what we have done for ourselves? He wants us to see that He is the good Father that is leading us to great places. He wants to lavish good things on us, but, more importantly, He wants us to love Him. And if that means going through hard times, God will bring us to those moments to turn our eyes back to Him.

So whether you’ve never been in the valleys of life, or you’ve just gotten out of one, or you’re currently walking through one, remember how the Lord your God is leading you.

In what areas of your life have you forgotten how the Lord has been leading you all this way?

What are some ways that God shows His love?


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