Day 64: Who Are You Serving (Numbers 34-35; Mark 10:32-52)

Day 64

For the past few months, I’ve been watching the last season of Downton Abbey. The show has completely captivated the world because it shows the upstairs life of the elite family, the Granthams, along with the downstairs life of their servants. As the times and lifestyles change on the show, one of the big issues on the show is the necessity of the servants.

Wealth, according to the world’s standards, has always been about how many people are under your authority. But in this chapter, Jesus turns that around to say that greatness in God’s kingdom is not about who is serving you but whom you are serving.

We’re not born with a natural inclination to serve others. Often, we want someone else to serve us. Instead of submission, we seek control. The life of Jesus shows us that to serve means we give ourselves to the mercy of another. Serving others humbles us and stops us from being slaves to our own earthly desires. Yet, He offers comfort when our flesh dislikes putting someone else’s needs above our own. Greatness comes when we freely love others.

How are you serving those around you? 

Do you ever feel yourself wanting to be the best at what you do rather than using that to serve others?


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