Day 60: Fighting For our Inheritance (Numbers 26-27; Mark 8:22-38)


In Numbers 26-27, we see that God left an inheritance for Israel. Moses was delegated with managing the inheritance laws. Unfortunately, there were five women who were cut from this because their father did not bear sons. But they wanted to partake in what God had to offer them, as daughters of the tribe. So they fought for it, and the Lord rewarded their efforts.

In the same way, we must fight for our inheritance. God freely gave us Jesus and Eternal Life along with Him. But Mark 8 informs us that we have a duty to uphold; we must deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him. This requires sacrifice and obedience. And it requires a voice; just like the daughters of Zelophehad (including Tirzah!).

So are you going to fight to follow Christ? Or are you going to live according to your own means? I pray that you would rest in the promises of the Father, and trust that His inheritance is good; that it is something worth fighting for. The five daughters believed this. Do you?


One thought on “Day 60: Fighting For our Inheritance (Numbers 26-27; Mark 8:22-38)

  1. On a daily basis, I struggle with taking up my cross and following Jesus. Our generation has been brought up to be selfish – it’s Your Life, You should do whatever You want to do. This attitude promotors disobedience to the Lord. Today’s reading is a good reminder to Live for Jesus.


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