Day 59: Attention and Provision (Numbers 21-25; Mark 7:14-37 & 8:1-10)

DAY 59

I love reading accounts of Jesus’s generosity with His power. He lavished those around Him with expressions of His mastery of the physical world, often in ways that gloriously met needs and allayed fears. Mark 8:1-10 describes how Jesus provided food for thousands of people. In this particular narrative, consider the crowd’s attention to Jesus and what they would have noticed in Him.

This story unfolds in a desolate place with scarce resources on hand. Going by appearances, the people that day weren’t going to eat. They had followed this intriguing teacher to the wilderness, not having planned ahead but simply having acted on absorption. The people with Jesus were totally preoccupied with Him. The captivation value of Jesus is not any different from what it was then. He is worth every moment of beholding that we commit!

In their attention to Jesus that day, the thousands of people saw Him demonstrate gratitude. He takes the food and says “Thank you” to his Father (v. 6). He expanded the food into abundance and met the needs of His followers. He is still doing that to this day!

List out the ways God has showered you with abundance and provided for your needs.


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