Day 53: A Time to Remember (Numbers 7; Mark 4:21-41).

This chapter in Numbers can easily be disregarded because from the first glance it looks like a long list of names and offerings. But there is so much more here! To know the context, Numbers is describing the first generation’s pilgrimage to Cannaan and their failure to obtain the benefits of the covenant due to unbelief and disobedience. Chapter seven is the explanation of the people being sanctified, through offerings for the dedication of the tabernacle. This process allowed the Israelites the opportunity to enter into the promised land.

At the end of the passage, verse 89, Moses goes into the Tabernacle to meet with the Lord. When reading how the voice of the Lord came to Moses I had to pause. I immediately became grateful for how near the Lord is to me and how He speaks to me throughout my days. But it also made me wonder: do we take hearing His voice for granted?

The Lord’s voice or presence was not taken lightly by the Israelites. In the Tabernacle, the Atonement Cover represented the covenant the Israelites had with God. Every time Moses entered the Tabernacle, he was reminded of all the Lord had done and had promised to do in the future.

Today, pause and remember all the Lord has done and who He is. He is faithful when we are faithless and He is worthy of all praise! He is the King of Kings who still bends down to talk to us and He loves us beyond our wildest dreams.

What are some tangible ways you can remind yourself of what God has done for you and of the promises He made for your future?


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