Day 48: Fuel for Your Soul (Leviticus 24-25; Mark 1:23-45)

“The Lord said to Moses, ‘Command the Israelites to bring you clear oil of pressed olives for the light so that the lamps may be kept burning continually.'”

A revelation I had in my Scripture time is the parallel between the temple before the Gift of the Holy Spirit and us (the temples of the presence of Christ). When I read the portion of the Bible emphasizing the temple, I notice how much attention The Lord gives to every detail of His dwelling pace. How much more concern He must have for us – the temples created in His Image.

Coming into Leviticus 24, we see more instructions for temple maintenance, but there is something about references to light that carry so much power. Notice how there is a command to burn continually supplied by oil. Today, we have the Holy Spirit as our source of oil – fueling our power to live as lights.

How do you “refresh” spiritually to avoid burnout?


2 thoughts on “Day 48: Fuel for Your Soul (Leviticus 24-25; Mark 1:23-45)

  1. For me, being in the Word daily gives me the spiritual nourishment to avoid burnout. I also believe taking time for Sabbath is also very important. As Christians it can be easy to feel like to we have to do, do, do for God. However, God tells us to take time to rest and dwell in Him. This commandment is critically important and helps up to depend on God to take care of things.


  2. I like to read Christsian articles, testimony’s of young women, devotions etc. But at times, I find myself substituting those things for His Word. But by regularily going back to the Bible, I find my soul refreshed, for only He can take me to greener pastures.


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