Day 46: Living Set Apart (Leviticus 20-21; Matthew 28)

Holy. Set apart. Above reproach. As believers, these are the characteristics we are called to. In Leviticus 20, the Lord is talking to Moses about laws to help prepare his heart for the Promised Land. The Lord commanded the people not to live according to the way of the nations they would enter and if they obey, overflowing blessings would come.

Like Moses, God has plans for us. But, in order to prepare our hearts and minds for the things to come, our mind has to be pure and set on Him alone.

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear from the pastor of a local orphanage in Myanmar while on a mission trip. He spoke about how setting his heart on Jesus alone has affected him, his family, and the orphans he serves.  Being a believer in Myanmar, which is 80 percent Buddhist, was a call not to live according to the customs of the nations. Twenty years later he is seeing the overflowing blessings and faithfulness God poured out onto him and the orphanage.

What does being a set apart young woman look like for you?

When you examine your heart, how can you begin to live a set apart lifestyle at work, school, and at home?


One thought on “Day 46: Living Set Apart (Leviticus 20-21; Matthew 28)

  1. At times I feel like being a set apart Christian means going on mission trips around the world, doing lots of missionary work. But most of us have full time jobs that are needed to pay the bills, so taking ‘time off’ isn’t possible for us.
    This dawned on me today – If I am faithful in the small things, God will entrust me with more. God may be using my current season to clean out the trash, teach me obedience, enhance a skill, education, or evening taking care of my family – I’m a single girl, we also have families 🙂
    Bringing Glory to God doesn’t always mean doing something larger than life or something everyone can see. After all our relationship with Christ is just between me and Him.

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