This Week’s Readings

Happy Valentine’s day, ladies!

We hope you had a chance to check out this week’s love-themed articles in Tirzah Magazine. On Tuesday, our Community Director, Liv, did an in-depth Bible study into Song of Solomon and the single woman. And on Thursday, I shared four tips for a God-centered relationship.


This week we’re reading (show us how you’re reading on IG with #TirzahintheWord):

  • Monday: Leviticus 20-21; Matthew 28
  • Tuesday: Lev. 22-23; Mark 1:1-22
  • Wednesday: Lev. 24-25; Mark 1:23-45
  • Thursday: Lev. 26-27; Mark 2
  • Friday: Numbers 1-2; Mark 3:1-21
  • Saturday: Num. 3-4; Mark 3:22-35
  • Sunday: Num. 5-6; Mark 4:1-20

Write these in your planner or put them on a sticky note above your desk. This week, open your Bible – regardless of whether you’re reading this plan, or another plan, or if you maybe haven’t even read your Bible in weeks or are in the busiest season of your life. Yesterday, I shared on my Instagram how daily Bible study is like cultivating a garden of Truth and beauty in your mind. It takes a lot of intentionality, prayer, and work. But, it’s so worth it!

I hope you have a beautiful week (maybe we’ll make a Periscope date happen on Friday – God willing!).

With all my love,

Yelena Bosovik

Editor in Chief

Tirzah Magazine


One thought on “This Week’s Readings

  1. Yelena, I love whenever you post this weeks reading list. It’s always so encouraging to see how far we have read. Plus you are always so encouraging ! Thank you for being that bit of encouragement that is needed! God Bless you my dear!


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