Day 43: Clean (Leviticus 14, Matthew 26:55-75)

Some of the most radical things Jesus did in his ministry involved healing lepers. Yesterday, we talked about how lepers were outcasts from the moment they developed the disease. Yet Jesus, the son of God, stooped down and touched these people who probably hadn’t had any physical human contact in years. Can you imagine how loved you would feel if that were you? A holy God reaching out to look into your eyes and touch you even though you were filthy?

That’s what Jesus does for us. I love that this chapter in Leviticus on a leper’s cleansing, lines up with part of the Passion. Matthew 26 is characterized by much sorrow. Jesus is betrayed, arrested, denied, beaten, and abandoned on His way to fulfilling the mission of the cross. He felt all of these things in our place. He suffered these things to make us clean. He walked through the unimaginable to rescue us from our filth.

Before we knew Jesus, we were like these lepers. Outcasts. Unclean. Diseased. But Jesus came to our level and reached out His hand to gently lift our heads when no one else would. Our sin is no match to the cross, and our disease disappears in His cleansing blood.

What does it mean to you that Jesus reached out to you in your mess?

How can you intentionally reflect today on all Jesus has done for you?


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