Day 42: Unclean (Leviticus 13, Matthew 26:20-54)

Can you imagine being a leper in Israel? You had to live alone, away from your friends and family, only with other lepers. You had to call out “unclean!” to announce yourself. You had to stay six feet away from other people, but 150 feet away if the wind was blowing. Lepers were filthy outcasts to the rest of the Israelites.

The problem of this disease was not just important in times of the Old Testament, but it was present during Jesus’s ministry as well. If the Bible talks about something so much, it must be noteworthy, so why should we care about leprosy? One reason is that it symbolizes the destructiveness of sin.

Leprosy completely takes over the body, making one unclean in all aspects. Sin is the same way. Before we were saved, we were completely unclean—dead in our transgressions and separated from God. Once we were saved, we were made completely clean and new. But unfortunately that doesn’t mean we never face the possibility of sin’s disease again! Sin puts up walls between us and God and, if left unchecked, can infiltrate every area of our lives. We must be vigilant in fighting it, knowing that it is Christ who gives us victory, cleanses us, and heals us from all of our diseases.

What are some practical ways you stay away from sins that have a tendency to trip you up?

How do you rely on Christ’s victory to help you overcome sin?


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