Day 41: A Poured Out Life (Leviticus 10-12 and Matthew 26:1-19)

When I read older books of the Bible, like Leviticus, I like to shake my heads at the crimes of the Israelites. How they could not believe in God? Why didn’t they do the sin offering the way God specifically instructed them? I mean how hard can it be, right? Well, we too can be like the Israelites even in today’s age. We hardly take the time to stop and listen to God after we rattle off our prayer requests. How can we be so prideful to think we are walking with God better than the Israelites were?

Then we turn our attention to the book of Matthew and read of the woman who literally laid down her entire life’s savings at the feet of Jesus. Have you ever thought about the stories in the New Testament where God asks people to give up all they own to follow Him? Would you be able to do that right now? I definitely don’t think I would be able to.

Let us work this year on being poured out for God like never before. Not giving Him the tiny parts of our lives, but giving Him our all. We are all sinners and undeserving of God’s grace, but the amazing thing is He still wants to use us, even when we mess up, like the Israelites.

Take some time today to ask Him to help you give all that you are to Him. Just because you may have failed in the past or fell out of touch with God, it is never too late to start an intimate relationship with Him.

What can you do in your devotional time differently to ensure you’re hearing God’s voice this year?


One thought on “Day 41: A Poured Out Life (Leviticus 10-12 and Matthew 26:1-19)

  1. I would like to spend time with God first thing in the morning. But I always put off our time to do the small mundane things which I think are important and before i know, it’s bedtime. Like you said , let’s pour out for God like never before! Let’s give Him our expensive perfumed oil


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