This Week’s Readings

Happy Sunday, friends!

Some of you may be in the midst of Super Bowl festivities, but I hope that you’ve spent time in the Word on this holy day (and every day!).

Although the Super Bowl is a big deal in our country, a lot of people forget that the event unintentionally drives some dark industries. It is said that human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking and prostitution, peaks on Super Bowl Sunday. It is difficult to gather data on this due to the nature of the events, but law enforcement and human rights advocates are working hard to keep the numbers down and to rescue as many people as possible during this time of year.

I recently heard a former human trafficker speak at trafficking awareness event and she confirmed that from her experience in the business (over 10 years!), these facts are true. This woman ran a brothel, an online prostitution ring and produced pornography and she said they always operated at full capacity with waiting lines around the Super Bowl. In her words: “testosterone, alcohol, and cash” are the ultimate formula for her former industry.

In addition, logistically, cities that host the Super Bowl see an influx of travel and people, so it’s easier for traffickers to smuggle and kidnap people as police are busier than usual and all the hoopla surrounding the game distracts people. So, I hope that today you take a moment to pray for anyone who may be in a compromising situation and in desperate need of help and freedom. Because even if we can’t do something, our God can. Always.

Back to the topic at hand: our Bible study. I’ll be honest with y’all – last week was a difficult one for me so I fell a little behind on my scheduled readings, so I’ll be doing extra readings this week to catch up. If you’re in the same boat, I hope you’ll extend yourself grace and the reminder that it’s about progress, not perfection. Just start somewhere and keep going one day at a time.

This week we’re reading: 

  • MONDAY:  Leviticus 4-6; Matthew 25:1-30
  • TUESDAY: Lev. 7-9; Mat. 25:31-46
  • WEDNESDAY: Lev. 10-12; Mat. 26:1-19
  • THURSDAY: Lev. 13; Mat. 26:20-54
  • FRIDAY: Lev. 14; Mat. 26:55-75
  • SATURDAY: Lev. 15-17; Mat. 27:1-31
  • SUNDAY: Lev. 18-19; Mat. 27:32-66

If you’re behind on your reading, what helps me catch up is to dedicate a day or two to catch up solely on the Old Testament readings (those are usually longer), and then a day just for the New Testament. That way I’m not constantly flipping back and forth as I read multiple days in one sitting.

Finally, who is up for another Periscope on Friday afternoon?

If you have topic suggestions please let me know. On the last Periscope, someone mentioned that we should do a study together of a passage. If y’all are still interested in that, then what passage or topic should we discuss? Can’t wait to spend some more time with your lovely souls!


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