Day 38: Sacrifice (Leviticus 1-3; Matthew 24:23-51)


Day 38.jpg

Going through today’s reading, I couldn’t help but feel inadequate.  I felt myself choking up and my eyes flooded with tears. Why? Well, reading about the different sacrifices the Israelites had to go through each day and realizing that every single one of them required a blemish-free offering. The term ‘without blemish’ in Hebrew is ‘tâmı̂ym’ and it simply means complete, perfect, undefiled. Blemish refers to a small mark or flaw, which spoils the appearance of something. Well, I thought, that definitely counts me out! I know very well I don’t measure up!

But then the Spirit led me to the cross, and reminded me that Jesus already became my blemish free sacrifice on the cross! I may be imperfect but when covered by God’s perfect grace, I become acceptable in His sight.


Isn’t that a freeing thought?

All I have to do now is to give God my best and let Him do the rest. Presenting my body a living sacrifice means that through my day-to-day life I become evidence of God’s mercy to those around me. Just like the Israelites gave up their best for God, I too give up my life that I may live to show His mercy where it is needed.

One of my favourite songs by Adie simply says this:

Take my heart, I lay it down,

At the feet of you who is crowned,

Take my life, I’m letting go

I lift it up to you who’s throned

I will worship You Lord,

Only You Lord,

And I will bow down before You

Only You Lord.

Our very lifestyles should be an act of worship to our Creator and Redeemer. So, today as you go about your day, let your body and life, be a sermon to those around you. Present yourself to God and allow Him to use you to bless others.

What are some things that stand in the way of us offering ourselves to God?

Do you remember a time when you felt the Lord using you to bless others?


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