Day 36: Exodus 37-38; Matthew 23:23-39

“Don’t judge a book by the cover.”

As a designer, I’m majorly at fault of this. I judge books by their covers. My philosophy is this: if it has a good title and a pretty cover, then it has to be good.

This is such flawed thinking though. I recently received a devotional and I was so excited because it’s popular among the people I follow on Social Media (and it. is. so. pretty!!!). But when I began reading it, I was disappointed because what was on the inside did not fully support what I anticipated from the outside. The messages were more shallow than I expected.

In the Old Testament, the beginning of the relational journey with God, the time and effort put into following God’s detailed instructions must have been exhausting. Everything was hammered, intricately detailed and exact to God’s perfect standards.

When we get further into time and look at the New Testament though, we begin to see a loss of reverence for thorough care. We went from intricate details to a false front: dirty on the inside with a shiny outside. The Pharisees and Sadducees were extremely legalistic and concerned about appearances, but Jesus often called them out on their hypocritical behavior because their hearts were actually far from God (Mat. 23:25, Luke 11:39). Similarly, today you can find a lot of Christians – in fact, most people would classify themselves as believers – but very few people actually live set apart, holy lives as instructed by the Bible.

How are you living? Is your faith genuine or a front for a soul far from God?


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