Day 35: Exodus 34-36, Matthew 23:1-22- Conversations with the Lord

Day 35

I often wonder what it must have been like for the Israelites to experience first-hand the miracle of God’s provision for His people after their deliverance from Egypt. Exodus is one of the richest and most beautiful books in the Bible, and every time I read it something else jumps out at me that teaches me so much about our great God.

I love this short section of Scripture particularly, because it is such a great reminder of our call as God’s chosen people — the redeemed children of the Lord. Scripture says that Moses’ face glowed with the glory of the Lord (vs. 29) because he spoke with God. Conversations with the Lord during that time were few and only certain people had the privilege of hearing and speaking with God. I often forget that because of the beautiful access we have to the Lord through the Holy Spirit. But we DO have access. Isn’t that amazing!?

We can talk with the Lord whenever we please, but do we take full advantage of this gift? Do the people around me recognize that I spend time with the Lord, the way the Israelites could visibly see it on Moses’ face?

My prayer is that we would be women that reflect the glory of the Lord because we continually spend time in His presence. We can’t lose sight of what a miracle it is to dialogue with God – that He speaks and listens. Let it be said of us that His glory radiates within us because of the time we spend with Him.

Think about someone you know who reflects God’s glory – what makes their relationship with the Lord different?

What is one way you can tap into the access you have to the Lord this week to deepen your relationship with Him?


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