Day 34: Creating Space to Rest (Exodus 31-33, Matthew 22:23-46)

Is rest difficult for you? How about slowing down? Maybe you feel like if you stop, you will end up falling behind or that the world will crumble around you. I’ve been there, and it’s exhausting. When someone first stopped and introduced me to the reality that not only is resting (or taking a Sabbath) a command from the Lord (check out Exodus 20:8-11) but it’s truly for our good, my entire walk with Christ changed—for the better!

Work can be an idol that steals our affections from the Lord subtly and quickly. When we go without rest, we begin worshiping the things that we put our efforts and energies into, instead of the One who created us. Work is a good thing, but the Lord so clearly calls His people to make rest a part of our lives.

Have you ever thought about the fact that God Himself modeled this for us when He created the earth? On the seventh day He rested. He stopped. He reflected. He didn’t have to—He’s GOD! He didn’t get tired or overwhelmed, but He wanted His people to see the importance of slowing down.

Day 34

Resting is hard, especially if you struggle with slowing down. It’s WORK. The beauty and the gift that comes from intentionally creating space for rest is the beautiful gift of deeper love and admiration for the Lord. Those things you need to get done will still be there and those people you worry you might let down don’t need you to be superwoman.

Be intentional about building rest into your week by carving out a specific day that you will stop and just be. Choose a day where you can get away to reflect, recharge, and abide with your Savior. You will quickly discover, as I did, that when you rest, you are able to tackle your task lists better and that you truly become the woman God called you to be.

What is the greatest struggle you have with resting?

What practical steps can you take this week to build rest into your schedule?


4 thoughts on “Day 34: Creating Space to Rest (Exodus 31-33, Matthew 22:23-46)

  1. Gosh, I am reading this from England and, although I am not working at the moment, I never seem to have time to be still or,when I do stop, I am so tired I blob in front of mindless tv or doze off. Remember The Lord said, “Be still and know that I am God”. Thank you so much for this very important and timely reminder.
    I was once given the analogy of being on a ‘plane with children when the air masks drop in a crisis and how important it is for the adult to apply the mask first and then to see to the childrens’ masks. On the face of it, such an action seems selfish. However, if the adult is weak and struggling for breath, she is of little or no use to the children. Taking care of ourselves, making time to rest and listen for God, is not selfish, it is imperative in order that we may better get to know God, his will for us and to fulfil His will and to be of help to others.
    Thank you again from Alice.


  2. What a lovely command that God has given us! It is amazing to see that if we rest we are so much more energetic and lively. My mother always told me that in order to create balance in your life there should be three parts to your day. The first two parts should be work or school or whatever needs to be done, and the last part is for resting. It’s amazing how when I do this in my day I am noticeable more awake and ready for my day. God is good!

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  3. Rest can be so hard – why? When I’m doing it a million things flood my mind of what I need/should be doing instead. As I write this I realize that filling rest with prayer may help with filling the mind with the proper things and truly resting!


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