Day 33: As Many as You Can Find! (Exodus 29-30; Matthew 22:1-22)

Day 33

Where were you when you realized you were going to say yes to Jesus? I remember hearing the invitation proclaimed many times before I prayed and told God that He could have every bit of my life. What a happy memory that is! Through the years, I’ve only become more overwhelmed by the simple fact that I have been invited to the marriage between Christ and the Church.

I have been discovering a new kind of joy though: the joy of inviting others to share in Jesus’ love.

Growing up, I subconsciously bought into the idea that “evangelism is a gift that I just don’t have”. It’s only been in the last year that God has taken that poisonous idea away and given me a little glimpse of what He sees for the lost.

My stomach still does a little flip flop, and my flesh screams “No!” when I hear God whisper, “go talk to her or him,” but saying yes to Jesus is so much sweeter than having an ordinary I’m-on-a-mission-and-I’m-ONLY-getting-butter-and-eggs grocery run. Even if all I get is rejection after rejection, that’s okay because the results are simply up to Him. We plant the seeds, but God gives the increase, because He is the only one in the business of changing hearts (1 Corinthians 3:6-8).

Now friend, who is God bringing to mind? Have you invited your neighbor to church or Bible study? That daily customer? A coworker? Your roommate? An aunt? Your best friend? Your professor? People are craving for a purpose to live, and you are the keeper of the treasure they seek. This is what you’ve been designed for (1 Peter 3:15).

Evangelism isn’t just about the moment when someone says yes to Jesus, it’s about actively bringing Christ to someone. For example, our talents are often tools that God gave us to reach out to people!

What fires you up? How could God use that to spread His love?

Have you ever sensed the Lord asking you to talk to someone or show the love of Christ in some particular way? How did it turn out?


2 thoughts on “Day 33: As Many as You Can Find! (Exodus 29-30; Matthew 22:1-22)

  1. Thank you so much for this, sister! ❤
    Sometimes the fear of rejection or being laughed at can deter us from reaching out to others. But something that encourages me is that even if the person doesn't listen to you the first time (or even at all), you've still planted a seed in their heart. They're still going to remember that you were bold enough to approach them, and who knows, maybe they'll go home and flick through their Bible, or say "yes" to the next person who offers to chat.
    We ourselves might not see this person come to know the Lord, but we are certainly links in the chain that bring them closer and closer!


    1. Thanks Caz! Great observation! When we realize that it’s not us that people are rejecting, its Jesus, it puts everything into perspective. Simply pass whatever the results of evangelism onto Jesus. It’s such a beautiful thing to see someone actually step across the line into a relationship with Christ, but there are so many moments that lead up to that and after the person is saved, there is so much discipleship to do! So, no matter what season of change you see, loving people in Christs name is a HUGE adventure! Love, Keila Grace


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