Day 32: God of Details (Exodus 27-28; Matthew 21:23-27)

I have always loved details. I love antique furniture because of the character little carved flowers bring to a comfy armchair. I adore Sherlock Holmes because of his ability to solve a case based on the smallest of clues. I love it when people put thought into making gifts for other people. Having an eye for detail does not mean that one loses sight of the whole picture. In fact, people with an eye for detail are able to see how many small details come together to make the big picture.

Exodus 27 and 28 may seem boring at first; just a DIY list for those working on the tabernacle. But what amazes me is the thoroughness of the designs. Each piece of material, all the colors, and every stone was chosen for a purpose. The directions were given, not to tell the Israelites they had no say in the matter or that they were not creative enough to handle such a task, but to remind them of God’s glory.

For example: consider the priests’ uniforms. Every time the priests put on their ¬†garments, they would remember God’s provision and the job they were called to do. Every detail was chosen intentionally and for a set apart, holy purpose.

Day 32

That temple was the place where He dwelt among the people. Today, the Lord dwells in us (1 Cor. 6:19), and as such, He has instructions for how we should live – the way we dress, speak, and live.

God sees all your dreams, goals, hopes, and fears. He also provides for every detail of your life. The Lord sees the big picture of your life – from beginning to end – and He is with you through all of it.

What details of your life do you have trouble giving over to God?

How have you seen God working in your life this week?


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