This Week’s Readings

Happy Sunday, friends! How are you today?

No, really… how are you?

This week we’re finishing the book of Exodus, making our way through the Gospel of Matthew and welcoming the month of February!

  • Monday: Exodus 27-28; Matthew 21:23-46
  • Tuesday: Ex. 29-30; Mt. 22:1-22
  • Wednesday: Ex. 31-33; Mt. 22: 33-46
  • Thursday: Ex. 34-36; Mt. 23:1-22
  • Friday: Ex. 37-38; Mt. 23:23-39
  • Saturday: Ex. 39-40; Mt. 24:1-22
  • Sunday: Leviticus 1-3; Mt. 24:23-51


I hope you have been keeping up with your daily Bible readings, but even if you haven’t, remember: progress, not perfection. You can always catch up, just don’t give up!


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