Day 31: Exodus 25-26; Matthew 21:1-22

With God, all things are possible

Reading verses like this in the Bible can falsely make us feel like God is our personal genie in a bottle or a fairy godfather. If only we can close our eyes and believe hard enough, our every whim, want and need will magically materialize.

But that’s not how it works. Perhaps that is why one of our most popular articles in Tirzah Magazine is titled, “When God Calls You to Give Up Your Dreams.”

In the first epistle of John, in 5:14-15, the author writes that these promises are hinged on us asking “anything according to His will.” God can’t work contrary to His character or His will.

Similarly, James 4:3 says: “you ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.”

Finally, John 15:7 specifies that only when we abide in Him, that whatever we wish will be done for us. Because when we are rooted in Him, we become like Him. The desires of this world no longer hold any appeal, because His dreams become our own dreams. Your faith also grows. Then you know what to pray for so that it will be answered.

So, how can you know what to pray for? Put your desires and dreams before God in prayer, but then ask for ultimately God’s will to be done. And continue to seek His face and will for your life. With time and spiritual growth, things will become more clear and concrete!

Do you have a testimony to share where God replaced your own dreams with His? How did it work out?

Do share with us in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Day 31: Exodus 25-26; Matthew 21:1-22

  1. I am a Nigerian, and I always dreamt of going to the UK to study engineering. But God had a different plan for me. My dad never bought that idea so I had to apply to only Nigerian universities. I thought God was being so unfair to me by not changing my dad’s mind not knowing that He had a different plan for me. Right now, I’m in my second year and the Lord has revealed to me that I don’t need to chase worldly pleasures I.e better academic qualifications to be happy. But I need to seek him first. God has placed people in my life that have been able to draw me closer to him and understand Him better. Now I’m very grateful for the fact that He made me stay here in my country. All glory and honor be unto God.


  2. Today at my home cell group I was asked by a lady to pray for her body. I practically froze. I had never been asked to hold someone’s hands and publicly pray for them before. I am feeling like my own lack of confidence and little knowledge of The Word caused me to not “be what she expected “?!?!? I now question how deep my own belief in The Holy Spirit is.


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