Day 29: Exodus 19-21; Matthew 20:1-16

“Do not fear for God has come to test you, and that His fear may be before you, so that you may not sin.” -Exodus 20:20

I truly believe that the reason we are so comfortable taking such liberties in watering down God’s word today is because we have little to no fear of God. We are so awash in grace, that we discount His other attributes. Like that He is a just God and that our actions have consequences. We sing of His mighty power, yet we don’t think twice about the Biblical principles and instructions we have deemed old-fashioned.

Since the beginning of time, God’s purpose for people everywhere has been the same: for people everywhere to know His greatness and sovereignty. We can sing a thousand worship songs about it, but if our hearts don’t quaver in His presence, and our actions are not His, then the fear of God is not in us.

The fear of the Lord

There are a few instances in the Bible when men came into the physical presence of God. Their reactions were universal: to fall on their faces in fear and worship. Humility, awe, fear. It happened to Abraham in Genesis 17:3. To Joshua in Joshua 5:14. To the people of Israel in Leviticus 9:24. To John in Revelations 22:8 when he was in the throne room of the God Almighty. Even Jesus when He prayed before God in his final days on earth (Matthew 26:39).

When we are truly in the presence of God and we feel it down to our bones, the natural reaction is one of fearful awe at how truly powerful and all knowing our God really is. And how small, sinful, and spiritually naked we truly are in comparison.

I wonder if we have made God too small and corporate worship too big. We’re good with the smoke and mirrors of church entertainment, but not so good at sacrificing personal interests, and material comfort.

We say our God lives, but where is the proof in our lives? If you could no longer speak, would your life proclaim how great a God you serve?


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