Day 22: Exodus 1-3; Matthew 15:21-39

If you’ve ever doubted that God has a unique plan purpose for every life, I hope that reading the story of Moses changes your mind. From the beginning, you can see the fingerprints of God in the life of this man.

Born into a time of adversity, to a brave woman who was willing to break the law just to keep her son alive. And then Moses “just happened” to have been discovered by the daughter of the reigning monarch. She could have been a flighty young woman with no interest in raising a child, but instead, she decided to adopt him and raise him as her own. Here is another “coincidence” – the woman recruited to nurse and nanny Moses is his own mother. How is that for some extraordinary coincidences? That’s God, y’all.

Reading this story in retrospect makes it quite easy to identify how God was working, even in the midst of sorrow and darkness. In our own lives though, we’re right at the center of it and so it’s really hard to see God’s hand in our lives. Take a step back though and consider how you ended up here today: who your parents are, where you grew up, what trials you and your family overcame, what college you went to and how your major evolved. All these people, events and experiences made you who you are today.

Figuring out what your calling is

But God also planted something even more special in Moses’ life: an innate calling to be moved by the injustices he saw. It was stewing and brewing in his life as he matured into a man. So much so that he jumped the gun on God’s timing and decided to take matters into his own hands when he saw  an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. He couldn’t help it but step into the rescue: it was the way he was programmed to be.

Let this be a lesson to us as well: there is a such thing as stepping into God’s calling on your life too early. Your life is meant to be a series of training leading up to what God has called you to do. After all, you can’t ask a child to drive a car. I know that you might feel that tug to do something with your talents and callings NOW – to start a business, travel the world as a missionary, write your own blog or book, work in your chosen profession, or to become a wife and mother. But, friend, wait on God’s timing. He is preparing you for that thing that fires you up. First though, you need to fully complete your training. Be patient and learn from Moses’ example that waiting on Him is totally worth it (after all, Moses’ second time acting on injustices went so much better than the first!).

What do you feel called to do? Share with us in the comments!

If you’re struggling to figure it out, look back to when you were a child growing up – what attracted your attention? What common thread of skills, characteristics or activities weaves through your life? For example, it could be your innate ability to nurture wounded animals and souls, thriving on creating something, a way with words or numbers, a gift for languages, a love for children, etc…!


3 thoughts on “Day 22: Exodus 1-3; Matthew 15:21-39

  1. I believe what attracted my attention as a child was caring for children. I believe God gave me a nurturing spirit because when I was little, I would go around and hug other babies in the doctors office. I would love to be a mom some day


    1. Symone – that’s a wonderful characteristic to notice! I would encourage you to find ways to nurture that trait even before you become a mother. Volunteer at your church’s nursery, offer to baby sit for a family you know, get involved with children’s ministry, sign up to be a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program… there are so many ways you can keep developing that natural love for children God has put in your heart!


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