Day 18: Genesis 42-43; Matthew 13:33-58

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.” -Matthew 13:44-46

Something radical happens when you first encounter Jesus and acknowledge Him as your Savior. Your life is transformed and renewed. Everything you once knew and held valuable pales in comparison. To Apostle Paul, being called to serve Christ rendered everything else in his life as rubbish (Philippians 3:7-8).

A man drove a dump truck of trash to a landfill. When he dumped his load of trash, he was shocked to see people come from all the corners to dig through the trash. A man nearby explained that recently someone found a piece of gold in the trash. In hopes that more gold would appear, these people had taken to coming to the landfill to shift through the trash.

Isn’t that us some days? We seek for something or someone special – something that will change our lives. From diets to the perfect husband, the promise of more tempts us and consumes us. Sometimes, it even means digging through emotional “trash” – lies, addictions, eating disorders, toxic or abusive relationships.

The Kingdom of God is our treasure trove

All along though, that pearl is right beside you. Embodied in Christ and found in the pages of the Bible, the Kingdom of God is our once in a lifetime treasure trove.

These two men found IT. One stumbled across it accidentally, while the other dedicated his life to seeking that one special pearl. Both men recognized the value of what they discovered and to keep the treasure, they were willing to sell everything else they had.

Can you say the same today? If you’ve accepted Jesus as your Savior and discovered the great love and grace He has extended to you, did you let go of your former life, doubts, worries, and ambitions? If not, how about today?


5 thoughts on “Day 18: Genesis 42-43; Matthew 13:33-58

  1. Hi Yelena so I in beginning of the year had signed up with you guys for the challenge to read the bible for a year. I was doing good the first 3 4 days then I fell off. That was the word God gave me this year is to break off old patterns in my life and this is one of the areas. I’m wondering is it something in my heart that I’m not seeing? I desire to finish the challenge. My question is because I did fall behind should I start all the way from the beginning since I do have all the emails and start over or start where you are reading at today? I just need advice because I want my relationship with Christ to be closer than it ever has before I pray God would give me a greater desire and hunger for him and his word. I want a breakthrough in this area of my life. I would appreciate anything the holy spirit would show you on this. Any words of wisdom knowledge or anything.


    1. Hi Julia! It’s up to you – you can start with today’s reading and catch up later when you have a slow weekend or evening. Or you can start reading where you stop, but read a little extra each day until you catch up. The idea is just to open your Bible and read the Word every day. Once you get into that habit of drinking from the well each day, a schedule is much easier to follow since you can read more and more. Those initial first days are the most difficult.

      A few recommendations to hold you accountable:
      – do you have a friend in your life who can join you in reading the Bible together? You guys can text each other each day to see if you both did the readings (I’m happy to be that person for you, if you’d like!) or get together weekly to discuss the week’s readings.
      – if you keep a planner or calendar, put the readings in ahead of time like you would any other assignment or to-do item.
      – write down all the reasons why Bible study is important, including Bible verses on the topic (start with Psalm 119 – it’s all about the positive effects of knowing God’s word).
      – pray, pray, and pray some more. we can’t do anything apart from God. In my periscope last week, I talked about how important it is to talk to God each day, even if it’s just to say that you’re struggling spiritually and don’t want to read the Bible. Then ask Him to put the desire to study His word in your heart. And if you truly want it, He will.

      I hope this helps! Stay with us, friend!


  2. I think letting go of those things is a life long process. In our humanity we long for the gems of this world. It is so easy for me to get distracted by those things and trying to get them, that I put Christ to the side. I am grateful for a God whom continues to pursue me and draw me back even when I am lost in the world.


  3. Okay, so this morning my thoughts were about a loved one who as I look into their life I remember doing just as they are. I never realized until I was broken, in pain and had no where else to look but to Him. But right before that happened I was doing all I could do to make others happy, thinking this is what would make me happy. But, in my fall when I hit that ground everything I was doing and everyone I was trying to please did more hurt to me than help me. What is funny is He, Jesus was drawing me nearer to Him because I remember that this is a time in my life my eyes were opened to who He was and not just knowing who God is. In saying all of this my heart was longing for love but the love I was searching for just disappointed me. All that I had tried to fix didn’t work. It was Him, who I needed in Christ God opened my eyes to the treasure that is eternal.


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