This Week’s Readings + Periscope

Happy Sunday, friends!

Per your requests, we’re going to try to post reminders every Sunday with the following week’s reading. We hope you’ll write these down in your planners and on your calendars!

Coming up this week:

  • Monday: Genesis 42-43 and Matthew 13:33-38
  • Tuesday: Gen. 44-45 and Mt. 14:1-21
  • Wednesday: Gen. 46-48 and Mt. 14:22-36
  • Thursday: Gen. 49-50 and Mt. 15:1-20
  • Friday: Exodus 1-3 and Mt. 15:21-39
  • Saturday: Ex. 4-6 and Mt. 16
  • Sunday: Ex. 7-8; Mt. 17

If you’ve fallen behind (which is totally okay – it happens to all of us!), then don’t worry and more importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP! You have two options today: (1) skip the readings you fell behind on and start with today’s reading. Then when you have a slower evening or weekend (Sundays are my catch up days if needed!), you can go back and read what you skipped. Or (2) keep reading on schedule, even if it means you’re behind for a few days, but try to read a few extra verses to make the progress faster. Choose what works best for you and make it happen. Yes, it’s helpful to read on schedule, but the point is to open your Bible and study the word each day. So, if you stumble across a passage or topic that you want to study deeper, do it – you can always catch up later!

And if you’re reading on a different schedule this year, that is totally okay – we hope you’ll still read our devotionals since they’re relevant to all walks of life!

Lastly, I have a super important question for y’all:


Do you use Periscope?

I really want to start using the Tirzah Periscope (@tirzahmag) to do weekly chats with you all about the week’s readings, to share what the Lord is teaching me, and to talk about different Bible study tips and techniques. The other Tirzah editors have also volunteered to host a few scopes to talk about things like prayer and singleness.

So, we’d love your feedback: would you tune in to watch our scopes? I’m praying about maybe hosting the first one this Friday afternoon.

If you have never heard of Periscope, it’s an app you can download to your phone. Users can stream live videos and listeners can leave comments in real time or “like” the video by tapping the screen to make hearts pop up. The unique thing is that videos are only available for 24 hours after the live event is over. However, the user can upload the video to their channel so anyone can view it at any time. That way, if you can’t tune in live or miss the 24 hour grace period, you can still view our videos later.


12 thoughts on “This Week’s Readings + Periscope

  1. I don’t have Periscope, but I’m open to the idea. Also, just an idea, since this is a community, maybe, you could assign each of us partners to read the bible with. It might create accountability and a bible study buddy. We could do with more community. Just a thought πŸ™‚


  2. I would use periscope, I would probably download them so I can watch them on a Sunday though, that’s a day I use to go over the weeks readings


  3. Hi, I think a cool idea would be to be able to send in prayer requests and attach some of them to different emails for people to be praying about. I’d love to be in prayer for others! Makayla


  4. I’ve been a silent reader (as in I only read and do not comment) for many months now but I could NOT pass up the idea of commenting on this! I would definitely love this as it would make us, as a community, feel more connected with each other and with God! Ladies, keep up the great work! & I love the idea Hana C came up with about the bible study buddy!


    1. Jamie,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment – we love hearing from our readers (even the “silent” ones lol). I hope you had a chance to view our first Periscope and can join us in the future ones too. And we’ll do our best to figure something out for Hana’s suggestion too! In the meantime, y’all are welcome to connect and become study buddies on your own too.


    1. Jane – yay! Hope you were able to join us, if not, you can watch the replay on our Katch channel even if you didn’t have a chance to download periscope. Blessings!


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