Day 14: Religion Or Relationship (Genesis 33-35; Matthew 11)

Day 14

I’m often amazed how easily we complicate things…especially our walk with the Lord. We mistakenly think God is seeking perfection when He’s really seeking humility and obedience. But because of our fallen nature, submission is not a state of heart that comes easily.

God doesn’t want you confused when it comes to knowing Him. What He does require is that instead of pride in our own thinking (as though we could really grasp the depth of His being), we humble ourselves like a child to a parent. Children have a deep curiosity for the world around them. They want to know how things work, often asking “Why?” repeatedly. They listen to their parents’ words because they trust their parents will correctly teach them.

God’s heart has always been to be a Father to His image bearers. Sacrifices done in the Old Testament only showed the great divide that separated man from His Maker. Yet Jesus, the ultimate Sacrifice, made the Father known in a tangible way. Jesus walked, talked, touched, felt emotions. He was real and He was here for many to see.

While He walked on this earth, Jesus didn’t want the focus to be on what He did but on the One who did it. If they really wanted to know the Father all they had to do was look at the Son. If they wanted to know the Son, they would also get to know the Father. There were no codes to break, no loopholes in the Law. Jesus was there and willing to show Himself and to be known intimately. It’s an invitation He still gives us to: come to Him and take His yoke. He’s done the hard part – His death on the Cross – and now He invites us to have a relationship that is as intimate as the one He shares with the Father.

Do you have a hard time believing you can have an intimate relationship with the Father like Jesus has?

Why do you think Jesus invites us to take His yoke instead of bearing our own? 


2 thoughts on “Day 14: Religion Or Relationship (Genesis 33-35; Matthew 11)

  1. For the past two days, I have been struggling to have a much more intimate relationship with the Father. I have been keeping up to my Bible Reading every day but I found that I have lost slightly of the connection that I had previously. I wonder maybe I need to focus on relationship instead of religion. What are some of the ways that you can grow or have a deeper relationship with the Father? I think Jesus invites us to take up his yoke because his burden is light compared to living a life of darkness, sin and spiritual death. By knowing Christ, we are transformed into a new creation,we got a chance to know God intimately and we have spiritual life!!


    1. Great question Anne-Sophie! One of the things I do is to ask the Holy Spirit for more hunger for His Word. It’s so easy for me to get filled with the things of this world. It’s also about extending yourself some grace so that it doesn’t become a burden to *have* to spend time with the Lord but that you desire to do it because you’ve tasted and seen just how good He is. I loved your insights into taking His yoke upon us and pray you’ll continue to be illuminated throughout our readings…keep sharing your awesome thoughts with us! ❤


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