This Week’s Readings

Good morning, y’all!

Download the 2016 Bible reading schedule

We’ve had a few questions about accessing the reading schedule. We’re trying to figure out where to post it so it’s more visible (right now it’s linked on the “New? Start Here!” page and on the above graphic).  In the meantime, here is what we’re reading this week:

  • Monday: Gen. 27-28; Mat. 9:18-38
  • Tuesday: Gen. 29-30; Mat. 10:1-23
  • Wednesday: Gen. 31-32; Mat. 10:24-42
  • Thursday: Gen. 33-34; Mat. 11
  • Friday: Gen. 36-37; Mat. 12:1-21
  • Saturday: Gen. 38-40; Mat. 12:22-50
  • Sunday: Gen. 41; Mat. 13:1-32

Take a minute today to schedule in to make Bible study happen each day. Write each of these assigned readings down in your planner or wall calendar and check it off like you would any other event or to-do!

We’d love your input: what’s the best way to get the daily/weekly/monthly readings to you? What will help you keep the most accountable to open your Bible daily?

Do you want it via email like this every Sunday afternoon? Posted on social media (if so, IG, FB, or Twitter)?



6 thoughts on “This Week’s Readings

  1. I have no problem with the Chosen Style…email is Fine 4 me…N~Joying The Devo’s Daily.
    Please Continue …I’m Sooo Loving It…Thx


  2. First let me say “I am Throughly Enjoying the Devo’s! I have done a few yearly reading plans
    I was so excited to do the Yearly Read with Tirzah!!! I happened upon Your Magazine through Pintrest and
    You had me upon first read. I Love~Love that it is taylored to the feminine heart!!! I love receiving the plan in my email daily…It reminds me of “ABBA’S FAITHFULNESS” in Supplying Manna in The Old Testament/ Covenant…And “HIS DAILY BREAD” Giving in the New Testament/Covenant!” However You decide to Dole Out Our “NECESSARY FOOD”… I’m on board!!!


  3. Yes, please email and post the week’s readings prior to it, maybe the Saturday night before? This was really helpful – thank you!


  4. I would definitely prefer through email, it would be much better than social media because I am not on social media much. Thanks for asking for our input!


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