Day 13: Broken To Blessed (Genesis 31-32; Matthew 10:1-23)

I came from a broken home and was born to broken people. It seemed as though brokenness was all I would know. I could never imagine how that would change and it made me depressed about my future. When we’re broken, the thought of blessings seem foreign and impossible.

Did Jacob think his brokenness could ever be transformed into anything else? His life had been full of scheming and plotting. He tricked his way into getting his older brother’s birthright and blessing. Yet, he met his match in his father-in-law, Laban. The deceiver had been deceived and perhaps in the 20 years of labor to Laban, in the fields where he tended the sheep, Jacob had time to think of who he was and what he had done.

One night, near the River Jabbok, Jacob meets a Man and wrestles Him until daybreak. Jacob refused to let Him go until He declared a blessing over him. This request came from a person who grabbed what he wanted since the time he came out the womb. When Jacob told the man his name, he revealed his very character: a swindler and supplanter. When we wrestle with God, we cannot hide who we are – our brokenness, our failings, or our faults. Yet, this Man who was really God Himself, changed Jacob’s name to Israel.

Jacob had put himself first and, as a result, filled his life with anxiety and terror. In asking for the Lord’s blessing, he realized he could no longer live life on his own (or know what would happen along the way). He was changed, physically and spiritually, having seen God face to face.

Did you know that your name has been changed? The wrestling Jesus did in the dark of night in the garden of Gethsemane was so that you could have a new name…a new heart. The darkness of your past has been replaced by the rising of the Son. As a daughter of God, you will still have your share of struggles and even wrestle with God for answers, but know that your blessing is surely on its way!

Do you experience condemnation over your past? Have you tried facing problems without God’s help?


2 thoughts on “Day 13: Broken To Blessed (Genesis 31-32; Matthew 10:1-23)

  1. It really encouraged me to hear this. It took a long time for me to learn how to look to God for help with things that I was going through, but when I finally did, I felt peace in the situation knowing that God is in control. Thanks for this post!!


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