Day 12: Now I Will Praise (Genesis 29-30; Matthew 10:1-23)

Inspired by Leah

Have you ever felt unattractive to the point of feeling invisible?

I grew up watching romantic movies and my favorite was Dirty Dancing. Jennifer Grey plays an ugly duckling who magically transforms into a dancing swan with the help and love of Patrick Swayze’s character. *Sigh* I wanted that to be me. Reading probably hundreds of romance novels only reinforced that it was the love of a man that would transform me from being plain to pretty, invisible to having worth.

Reading Leah’s story shows that this kind of thinking hasn’t changed much and neither has the desire of feeling wanted. Leah, Laban’s eldest daughter, was described as having weak eyes while her younger sister, Rachel, was incredibly beautiful. For Jacob, it was lust at first sight and he worked for Laban seven years to make her his wife. But on the day of the wedding, Jacob was deceived and instead of marrying Rachel, he married Leah instead.

Seeing that Leah was invisible to Jacob and unloved, the Lord gave her children. Each child was named with the desire of her heart to be loved, to be heard, and to be attached. Yet it wasn’t until she bears Judah that there’s a change in her heart. Instead of desperately desiring her husband’s attention, a transformation takes place that she had never experienced before.

God has given us all a deep yearning to be loved. Many times, like Leah, we must go through a process of letting go of a deeply rooted belief that a man needs to provide our value or worth. It is only God who can do that and when we allow Him to, we can also say like Leah, “Now I will praise the Lord.”

Has there ever been a time in your life when you can relate to Leah’s story? Do you still struggle to accept your worth in Christ? 


12 thoughts on “Day 12: Now I Will Praise (Genesis 29-30; Matthew 10:1-23)

  1. I used to be the unnoticed girl in school, that everyone would make fun about. & because of that rejection I always wanted the attention and love from guys. Until one day, God turned my world upside down when my 4 year long relationship did not worked out. It is then I started to discover God and His amazing love! And through His love I started to get healed by Him, & shortly after that I had the most amazing encounter by God. & His love is so tangible right now.
    I am still single and I feel alright with that because God loves me so much that my worth in God is so much more than any men can provide!
    I really like to encourage so many girls out there, that by placing God before everything else, & to crave His love and presence, always be prepared to be sweeped away by His love!! It will fill up all your hurts and emptiness that it will start pouring out to the people around you!
    God bless all of the writers for this blog, you girls are amazing! 🙂


  2. I struggle with this. Sometimes it is so easy to forget who we are in Christ. I struggle with putting myself against the worlds standards of beauty. I also struggle with putting myself up against my sister and comparing myself to her. This is somthing that God does continue to renew and I know that he will continue to grow me in. It is all part of the process of complete and total surrender to Him! Sometimes it is hard because we know the truth and maybe even believe it, but living in that truth every day even when you don’t feel it is even harder. So sisters if you read this comment of mine please pray for me and this area as I will do for you when reading comments , thanks!


  3. In reading the verses about Jacob and his mother’s deceit, I was sad that they would get away with that. Very unfair to Esau. I prayed for understanding. Today when I read about Leah and Labon having her marry Jacob, I saw Jacobs suffering. Leah giving birth and Jacob having to continue to work for Labon seems like a penance. Yet he was blessed through Leah with sons who would become the 12 tribes of Isreal. AMAZING! As I read the Gospels and see Jesus the forgiving and loving Lord who is our guide let’s us know his purpose was to come for the sinners not the righteous. Sending out his 12 to preach the good news of salvation that would lead us here today. Thank you for this bible study. I am truly loving it.


  4. Wow, I love this! “It was the love of a man that would transform me from being plain to pretty, invisible to having worth.” That is so profound and something that I have wrestled with for so long. It’s the belief that once someone loves me, then I’ll finally have worth. But I think it’s the love of Jesus that transforms us into having worth! He is the one who sees us even if we feel invisible. His love is a perfect love that is better than anything in this life and satisfies every need. I love that Leah said “Now I will praise the Lord” as though she finally believed this. Thank you so much, Liv- I really needed this today!


  5. I can not tell you how true this is. I was completely looking for my worth, my princess moment in the love of a man. It’s so hard, because we all want that fairy tale moment, and in almost every movie, every romantic novel, that fairy tale, love story ending comes from a man. He seems to be the one transforming her and making happiness shine through her. It’s no wonder we put so much pressure on our men!
    Slowly He’s helped me change this mindset and see that my worth is not in some man, or in my job, or my performance, or the place that I live. It’s in Him. He makes me shine. He makes me visible. And He writes my fairy tale story each and every day.


  6. Thank you Liv! I have serious Leah moments in life and this has been a wonderful reminder of how much our worth is in the Lord and not on just mere physical appearance.


  7. This was just amazing and I needed it today. And possibly everyday. I have grown up being around friends who have always had a significant other and always found myself alone and that affected my views on myself. It’s a daily battle I have to reassure myself that I am worthy in Gods eyes. Thank you for posting. I hope to one day be able to think like Leah.


  8. This is a great devotional! Yes at times, I have definately felt like a Leah. In high school, I was best friends with Alice (not her real name by the way!) and she was very popular with guys because she was pretty and outgoing. I was not a Christian then and I used to feel slightly jealous of her because I never had a boyfriend! I used to feel so sorry for myself!

    We have to be so careful to always realise that we only find our worth is only in Jesus. We all need to make sure that we don’t run towards other things that we think we satisfy us (having a boyfriend, having a romance) and just focus just on the Lord. The more we ‘walk with God’ and look for him, the more we find our true worth in Christ!


  9. Thank you for this new look at an old story. I can identify with this lesson. I will never look at Leah’s story the same way. This has challenged me to look at all the stories with new eyes. Leah is always looked at with pity. But this too is a case of God using a bad situation for good, in His time. Blessings and prayers for you and your ministry.


  10. I’m really enjoying the thoughts about our Old Testament readings each day, as well as revisiting the history (His Story) anew. I was wondering if there was a list written ahead of time of what chapters etc we are to read each day, or is it sort of a surprise when we log in?


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