Day 11: Moved With Compassion (Genesis 27-28; Matthew 9:18-38)

You are called to the harvest

While Jesus walked on the earth, one of the sights that pierced His heart the most was seeing crowds of people looking troubled and lost. Matthew 9:36 states that “He was moved with compassion,” meaning He didn’t just look at them, He saw them and did something about it.

Can I be honest with you? Sometimes (okay, most times), I become so blinded to my own problems that I am completely blinded by someone who may have a greater need. We’ve been raised in a culture that tells us to only worry about ourselves but Jesus’s words to His disciples are meant for us today. We need to be the laborers who will go out and be moved by compassion for people who are oppressed and hurting.

We don’t need huge causes to do that. We can take the time to look at the people in our families, neighborhoods, or those sitting to the right and left of us in our church pews and see if the Holy Spirit is guiding us to be the hands and mouths of Jesus. We are the laborers when we truly believe that God will take care of our needs. Because then we can be empowered to help take care of the needs of others. Jesus is looking for willing vessels to be co-laborers in His Kingdom, which is here and now.

So many believers think they have to have great talents or skills to be used by God, but if the stories in the Bible show us anything, it’s that God seeks to use His children who are willing to go in humility and obedience.

Trust God for your needs and trust that He desires to use you to be a blessing to others.

What does being a laborer in the harvest mean to you? What stops you from being used by God? 


6 thoughts on “Day 11: Moved With Compassion (Genesis 27-28; Matthew 9:18-38)

  1. I think it’s SO true that we just get wrapped up in our own issues and feel like we need to solve those first before we are able to help others, but if we wait until we’re perfect we’ll never help anyone! I also think it’s fear for me that often keeps me from letting God work through me. Fear of the unknown, fear that I’m not qualified, fear of what it will cost. But I love this reminder that God wants to use me right now, in all my imperfections, and that He will provide what I need to be a laborer in the harvest!


  2. This really resonated with me, and i am so happy i read it. I know i am guilty of walking around as if i am in a cloud and not really seeing the people who might need compassion or comfort. Being a laborer of harvest means being that light for Jesus to those who needs it most. I think you have to be completely obedient and do things as God leads you to. What stops me from being used from God is not being open to seeing when he wants to use me, as well as fear.


    1. God does want to use you Kendra! I pray that this year, you’ll have new eyes to see where God is leading you. There is a time for stillness in Him and receiving but there is also a time for action. Our fears are usually about things that will never happen and we see that in the Bible, when we’re obedient, God really does give us the victory over every giant we come up against!


  3. Before, I thought that being a laborer in the harvest meant to spread the gospel of Christ to other people. After reading this devotion, I realise that to be a laborer in Christ, it is also about thinking and doing things for God and others to ease their pain and suffering. It is so easy to just think about my own needs and just think aimlessly what I want to do and achieve in life- wealth, fame, and success. I also think the fear of what others might think and obsession about my future could be barriers in being used now.


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