Day 10: What Is It Worth? (Genesis 25-26; Matthew 9:1-17)

My heart was desperate for love. Even as a Christian, I had a need I thought could only be satisfied by the love of a man. It was a hunger in me that had never been sated and I almost gave everything away to get it. I hadn’t thought about my relationship with God and all that He had given me through His Son. Instead, all I could think about was what I didn’t have and how I had to get it for myself.

Jacob, Isaac’s younger son, was desperate for Esau’s birthright. As the eldest son, Esau was entitled with twice the inheritance Jacob would have received from their father. When Esau returned from a day of hunting, he was ravenous for food and thought he’d die if he didn’t eat. Jacob shrewdly used his brother’s hunger against him and made a deal that reversed their fortunes. Jacob, whose name means “supplanter (takes the place of another through force, scheming or strategy),” makes a deal with his brother, sealed by a vow that in return for bread and a bowl of lentil stew, Esau would give up his birthright.

There are many of us who are hungry for something. In Esau’s case it was food for his stomach, but for others, it can be an emotional need for man’s approval, admiration, or love. We can make a foolish decision based on desperation only to regret it later. We can be deceived into thinking our immediate need is greater than our eternal reward.

Your inheritance

Jesus’s death on the Cross gave us a firstborn inheritance that promises we’ll be co-heirs in His Kingdom. We can’t ignore that we have an enemy in our midst who is constantly trying to deceive us into selling this inheritance. He is always trying to see what is it worth. Would we sell our godly birthright for the love of a man who would take our eyes off the Lord? Would we give it away for the promise of fame and wealth?

If we’re not careful and discerning, we can forfeit our inheritance for a temporary pleasure. A filled stomach will become hungry once again. A need that is not satisfied in Christ will continue being filled only to be empty again.

Have you ever come close to giving away your godly inheritance? How did change the situation “to work for your good” (Romans 8:28)? Share with us in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “Day 10: What Is It Worth? (Genesis 25-26; Matthew 9:1-17)

  1. I used to feel empty and my life purposeless for the longest time. I would try and fill that hole with worldly things – retail therapy, many ‘friends’…you get the picture. But now I know that the only way to ‘Life’ is through Christ. He fulfills every single need and gives my life a purpose.

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  2. So, a little bit of backstory: Just after I graduated high school, my parents and I moved to an itty bitty town outside Las Vegas. We’re talking approx. 7,000 people on a good day and the majority of those people being Mormons. Needless to say I was thrilled that I met a guy (Mormon) at the library and he introduced me to a couple other people (also Mormons) who also became my friends. Well, this guy asked me out and I told him that I couldn’t because of 2Cor.6:14. Well, we kept hanging out and it just kept killing me over and over. Then, after about a year and a half, he moved to Reno and my other friends moved to Utah. Since then I’ve kinda felt abandoned and lonely because I don’t have any Christian peers here. Just before heading for bed tonight, I came across a pin on Pinterest that said, “Don’t settle just because you don’t want to be single. Wait for the real thing” and it struck me that God was actually protecting me by putting me in this podunk town on my own with no prospects. He’s keeping me from completely falling away. After reading that, I ended my night by reading this devo and I just wanted to share with y’all just how intricate and detailed our God is and how much He really really does care for each of us ❤ Our Lover, Redeemer and Friend.

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    1. So true, Dana!! Like God said to Abraham, He says to us as well…He is our shield. He does protect us from what would bring us harm. There are times when I feel like I’m invisible but it’s really God’s protection. We are so precious to Him! He does bring us to seasons of separation from things we’ve depended on too much, which we’ve often replaced for Him. Going through seasons like that help us to refocus where our attention and affections really need to be. Thanks so much for sharing and I pray you continue to receive all of God’s best through these devotionals 🙂


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