Day 9: Following The Master’s Lead (Genesis 23-24; Matthew 8)

Where the Master leads

Abraham wanted to find Isaac a wife. Sarah had just died and he wanted to make sure his son would be taken care of. So, he sent his servant, Eliezer of Damascus, to go back to Abraham’s native country to find a suitable woman among his family members. His servant’s concern is one we have to grapple with everyday.

“Perhaps she is not willing…” (Genesis 24:5)

Reading Abraham’s story earlier in Genesis, it’s a wonder that Abraham was willing to leave the comfort of his home to an unknown place with a newly known God. He could have easily declined God’s invitation, but instead chose to believe that God would lead him where he needed to go and fulfill the promise He made.

Abraham trusted that God would lead his servant to a suitable woman to become Isaac’s wife. After Eliezer found Rebekah, and she fulfilled all the stipulations he gave to the Lord, he recounted the story to Rebekah’s family and gave God the glory for leading him in the right way to the right woman.

After hearing this, Rebekah could have refused to leave the comfort of her family. After all, surely she could have found a husband close by! But instead, she made the decision to wed Isaac.

Abraham followed God’s lead, just as Eliezer followed Abraham’s, and Rebekah followed Eliezer’s. We are all called to be servants; to obediently follow where the Master leads us.

God gives us free will to respond or reject His leading in our lives. When we respond in submission, we yield our desires for something greater than our own. There are times we may not understand what is exactly awaiting us, but we can be sure that where God leads, it will be for our blessing and His glory (Jeremiah 29:11).

Have you felt God leading you in a certain direction (a mission, a job, to pray for a stranger)? If you followed Him, share your God story. If you haven’t, share what you learned.  

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2 thoughts on “Day 9: Following The Master’s Lead (Genesis 23-24; Matthew 8)

  1. my family and I are foing through a difficult financial time at the moment and God is telling me to relax, be patient and not to worry about it. Some days are easier to do so than others.


  2. I was in a relationship for 8 years. Through the relationship, this man cheated and betrayed my trust. I could hear the Lord telling me to leave, but my flesh kept ignoring it and justifying with something or the other. At the beginning of last year, we were supposed to get engaged, and once again the Lord told me to leave. This time I couldn’t ignore His voice. Deep in my heart, I knew this man wasn’t right for me.
    The months that followed the break up were turbulent – I was depressed and anxious all the time. It was one of the hardest years of my life.
    But looking back now, I can see that the Lord was there through my darkest hours. It was Hope in Him and Faith in Him that gave me the strength to get up every morning – with a golden thread, He pulled me out from a dark hole.
    I have decided that I will wait for the husband God has chosen for me. Single hood isn’t scary anymore. And my relationship with Christ has taken a whole new meaning.
    We just have to follow our Master, no matter how difficult the road ahead seems.


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